Business Valuation

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to assess the fair value of a business or owner's interest in a business. Through valuation, the selling price of a business can be estimated by using a number of different valuation methods.

An investor, in some cases, decides to exit from an investment he has entered into. In other cases, an investor decides to enter into an existing investment and wants to know its value to make a decision on whether to enter it or not.

In each case, the investor must seek the advice of a specialized consulting company to estimate the fair value of the respective investment. Here, it must be pointed to the need to distinguish between the fair price and the market price, as the market price is the price determined by the status of demand and not necessarily the market price corresponds to fair price.

In Business Valuation, Mart Solution determines the fair value of an asset or company equity by applying most recognized and applicable valuation methods and approaches. Business valuations are used for different business needs: disposal of an equity stake in a company, introducing a new shareholder/ partner into a company, acquiring the assets or shares of a potential target, merger or acquisition deals, restructuring analysis, spinoffs, debt financing, initial public offerings, and other business needs.

Though there are several valuation methods used as a basis for business's valuation and for recognizing its stock prices, and those methods are internationally recognized, this does not mean those methods are ideal as an effective tool in conducting any business valuation. Therefore, Mart Solution helps its clients select the most proper valuation methods that better fit their business.