Designing Authority Matrix

Mart Solution provides its client companies in Kuwait with outstanding consultation in developing the Authority Matrix which is built with the Company's organizational chart flowing from top to bottom of the hierarchy

Authority Matrix outlines a crystal clear relationship of administrative authorities and powers conferred upon the job incumbent, to help easily segregate authorities and powers as aligned with the state applicable laws and regulations, as well as the policies set by the business's top management

If authorities and powers are not well divided, it may result in problems including but not limited to :

Capabilities of units are under-utilized
Authorities go beyond the capacity of the person
The control over resources becomes insufficient and out of the tasks.
A unit might have control over resources than its functions require
Conflict over resource allocation among units sharing the same resources
Conflict between formal and informal powers and responsibilities
The decision process takes too long
The decisions miss out on particular interests

Therefore, when we structure Powers and Responsibilities Matrices, we address the question of:

Who receives the authority to take decisions
And about which issues.

It flows from this that we cooperate with our client's management to answer the following questions:

Who has the information to take the decision and who can obtain such information quickly?
Who has the skills and knowledge to take the decision?
Is coordination with other locations or units, divisions, or departments requiring?
What is the impact of the decision?
What is workload of qualified officers?

Through this step, we help our client outline the administrative structures based on drawing the reporting style for different unit competencies and links holding amongst the different roles played by the individuals working in business units, ultimately guaranteeing better performance and continuous improvement.