Any entity seeking to conduct a transaction relating in a way or another to another entity such as acquisition transaction, buying, partial investment or partnership in projects and business alliances, it must ensure that all assumptions and data of transaction and entity are accurate. The due diligence provides an appropriate level of confidence and satisfaction for both entities through the analysis and verification of financial, commercial, and operational transactions, and strategic aspects as well.

This service is mostly required for Mergers & Acquisitions transaction for the purpose of giving the concerned parties the appropriate assurance that these transactions are accurate and that the terms of sale/buy are in accordance with the sought agreement of business transaction. However, if further limits are required, including conducting a technical or legal investigation, we play the General Advisor's role and nominate the necessary professional and technical advisors to perform that task.

This service is provided when our client has a potential sale/buy transaction. In this regard, we conduct an investigation or audit of the potential investment to confirm all material facts with regard to the transaction prevent surprises that could unnecessarily harm our client business; to ensure that the financial values are consistent with the items of the financial statements (financial position, Statement of Income, or Statement of Cash Flows) and with the assets and liabilities they reflect; ensure the integration and harmony of business nature, realizable profits, future cash flows, and operational and strategic issues, and the structure of the financial transaction to be completed.

In Mart Solution, our consultants can help you through the promotion of understanding with respect to the business or entity or project in question, increase the likelihood of achieving the transaction's objectives, help identify and understand the critical success factors to achieve the correct investment decision and thus identify the strengths that can be relied upon and weaknesses and identify optimal options to solve them.