Developing Policy and Procedures

In Mart Solution we provide our client companies in Kuwait with outstanding consulting services to set their corporate policy and procedures manuals .

Every business entity specifies standards for the outputs of its activities and the manner aligned with the business vision. So we help companies maintain their production and fine-tuned processes through providing the following manuals

Policies & Procedures Management

To maintain the constant quality of business work outputs, it is mandatory to have a set of approved and documented policies and procedures related to executing the work policies and processes to have the work smoothly and accurately done without major deviations. Therefore, we deliver the service of Developing Corporate Policies and Procedures Manuals for both Operational Departments and Support Services.

These Manuals convey a consistent understanding of our Client's business purpose, philosophies, policies, and good business practices to everyone involved.

We provide effective Policies & Procedures Manuals designed to provide our client and their staff with policies and procedures pertaining to the daily business operations, while providing employees with guidelines pertaining to their authority and responsibilities. These Manuals also promote consistency, improve efficiency and increase overall profitability.

We save your time and money by quickly providing new forms, templates, and checklists outlining the basic requirements of the many aspects of corporate policy and procedural program development, implementation, improvement, and enforcement processes.

Preparing Staff Regulations Manual

These Regulations is one of the most important human resource systems an employer can implement as it encompass the overall information related to the employment relationship between the business and its HR, including each party's entitlements and responsibilities in light of the company's statute and policies as well as the state laws and regulations in force.

We provide our clients with the service of developing Staff Regulations Manuals in addition to reviewing and revising Manuals in place so that they represent proactive communications tools wherein employees have a complete understanding of what they can expect from their employer and what their employer expects from them.

These regulations are also important in avoiding miscommunications and subsequent basis for defense when there is alleged wrong doing, wrongful termination or employment lawsuits.