Feasibility Studies

Sometimes an investor enters into a project and then the project signs of failure begin to appear. At that time, the investor feels disappointment so as to not to follow the standard methodologies to be applied at the beginning of any project, including the preparation of a feasibility study for the proposed project. Therefore, we advise the investors in Kuwait to invest little money in preparing the proper feasibility study for their new business to get comprehensive and detailed information about it, thereby they are placed at an advanced position where they are able to decide whether to go ahead with the new business or not.

A feasibility study is an evaluation or analysis of the economic viability of a proposed business and its potential impact. The feasibility study provides a thorough analysis of the potential troubles and roadblocks that may hinder the success of the business, to come to an end whether the business idea make economic sense or not. Feasibility studies are considered a key tool for the decision making process in relation to the investment in a new project or opportunity before any investment commitment. During the Feasibility Study, a variety of 'assessment' methods are undertaken.

In this regard, our service involves the preparation of feasibility studies with regard to the establishment of a new company or adding new activity or expanding the activity of an existing company.

Our role covers analyzing macro and micro economy drivers, industry dynamics and trends ranging from market size to market growth, industry barriers, technology and regulatory changes, assessing project technical needs, performing financial modeling, and evaluating the project economic and financial indicators to assess its viability. The preparation of feasibility studies is based on our understanding of the business sectors in the State Kuwait and the opportunities existing within each sector.

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