Listing Companies on KSE

As KSE listing advisor, Mart Solution has accumulated market experience in providing listing advisory services, fulfilling its advice through two pivotal roles executed in parallel.

KSE Listing Technical Aspect

Our role as KSE listing advisor is to study the company's financial position, get acquainted with their vision and bench mark it to Kuwait Stock Exchange regulations, and accordingly provide our recommendations relevant to the following:

Regular Market or Parallel Market
Preparing the Initial Public Offering (IPO) to solicit a shareholder base
Preparing the listing prospectus
Share valuation at listing
Pre-listing & Post Listing Marketing of the-to-be-listed company and its activities
Arranging for an introductory listing seminar

KSE Listing Procedural Aspect

Our relevant scope of work in this phase constitutes completing the listing process through reference to and follows up with the relevant competent authorities:

Kuwait Stock Exchange
Kuwait Clearance Company
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Justice
Advertising & Media Agencies